Developed by Steamforged Games Ltd. in partnership with Sony Interactive Entertainment and Guerrilla, Horizon Zero Dawn™: The Board Game is a unique experience for veterans and new players alike.

Horizon Zero Dawn™: The Board Game is easy to learn, fast-paced and dynamic, but also requires players to make intelligent and meaningful decisions about how to explore and overcome their foes. For the first time, fans of this incredible game will be able to play together as part of a cadre, hunting the towering and awe-inspiring machines that Horizon Zero Dawn™ is known for.

Assigned a dangerous quarry by the Hunter’s Lodge, players operate as novitiate hunters, choosing a tribe and class for their hunter and embarking on an adventure through the wilds. A variety of machines and unexpected events lurk along the way, and awaiting them at the end of the trail is a lethal boss fight…

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